The lab has extensive collaborations with other labs throughout the world. In particular, we collaborate closely with the labs of Dr. Shelley Berger (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia), Ronen Marmorstein (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia) and Brad Johnson (University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia). These collaborations are funded by an NIH program project grant on the “Epigenetics of aging and age-associated diseases” ( 

We have key on-going collaborations with the labs of Dr. Holly Brown-Borg (Univ. of North Dakota) and Dr. Rich Miller (Univ. of Michigan) to investigate age-associated epigenetic changes and their control by genetic, dietary and drug interventions that suppress cancer and promote longevity.

We have also been recipients of joint funding from the BBSRC and United States NIA to fund collaborative work with Professor John Sedivy at Brown University, on “The Wnt – chromatin axis in aging“.

Rachael Hewitt, a former PhD student in the lab, was funded by a BBSRC/CASE studentship in collaboration with Dr. David Gunn at Unilever (Colworth, England) and Dr. Andre Maier at the University of Amsterdam (Netherlands).

We hold funding from the BBSRC to investigate the role of autophagy and DNA damage signalling in senescence; this is a collaborative award with Dr. Joao Passos, University of Newcastle.

We have had excellent collaborations with Nathan VanderKraats and John Edwards in St. Louis (, using WIMSi to analyze DNA methylation data. See and

We are also collaborating with mathematician Dr. Mayetri Gupta ( to develop novel integrated computational analysis methods for multiple epigenomics datasets.

We are always open to new collaborations.


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