Computational Biology

We are using computational biology approaches to interrogate large datasets generated in our lab and by others (e.g. ChIP-seq, RNA-seq, methyl-seq), to understand the epigenome of senescent cells and its relationship to cancer and aging.

Neil Robertson leads this important area of the lab. We have had excellent collaborations with Nathan VanderKraats and John Edwards in St. Louis ( See and

We are also collaborating with mathematician Dr. Mayetri Gupta ( to develop novel integrated computational analysis methods for multiple epigenomics datasets.

hira hm

Histone chaperone HIRA localizes to strong enhancers (1), active promoters (2), weak enhancers (3) and unknown sites (4). See Pchelintsev et al., Cell Reports, April 18, 2013. Click image to link to publication.



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